Miyagiken Gokoku Shrine
The shrine

The shrine grounds

The heart of the shrine is its inner sanctuary and worship hall. The inner sanctuary is off-limits to the public, but visitors may offer a prayer in front of the worship hall. The hall has a wide, curved copper roof with a green patina that contrasts with its red wooden frame. Carvings and decorative metalwork adorn the gables, and a shimenawa (special rope used to designate sacred spaces) hangs above the entrance. In spring, cherry blossoms fill the grounds with their pale pink blooms.

History on display

In addition to the main shrine buildings, there is an exhibition hall with displays that introduce Japanese history from the Meiji Restoration through World War II in chronological order. Exhibits include old black-and-white photographs of historic events and young soldiers, as well as memorabilia, including a 1:100-scale model of the battleship Yamato, the world’s largest battleship. A small fee is charged for admission to the exhibition hall, which has English signage.